Welcome to Nerdfighter Island: A John Green Primer

Friends, I need to come clean about something. I am a nerdfighter.

Yes, you read that right. A nerdfighter. Perhaps I should explain about what a nerdfighter is before we go any further. A nerdfighter, according to Nerdfighter.com, is a nerd who fights. But what do they fight? Anything that increases world suck. And they do it – I do it – using brains, hearts, wit and other incarnations of nerdiness. (To show my true nerd cred, I just checked if nerdiness was in fact a word. According to Merriam-Webster, it is.)

But what does nerdfighting have to do with the Curriculum Resource Center? And why mention it in a blog post that is categorized as a book review?

Because one of the Founding Fathers of the Nerdfighter Kingdom is John Green, YA author extraordinaire. And Green decreases world suck through his novels (and awesome videos, but more on that later) and they happen to be a part of our Steal Our Display campaign up on the second floor.

I was originally going to just review Paper Towns, but found I couldn’t review one of his books and neglect the others – all of which are favorites of mine. So, I’m going to give a brief overview. Stealing the Twitter mentality, the reviews will be under 140 characters. Ish.

Looking For Alaska (juv G7962L): His debut Printz Award winner, Alaska is an honest look at growing up, filled with humor, frank observations and boarding school mayhem.

An Abundance of Katherines (juv G7962A): My favorite and a Printz honor book, Katherines follows child prodigy Colin as he searches for new direction and a math theorem on dating (and breaking up with) Katherines. (Complete with hilarious footnotes!)

Paper Towns (juv G7962P): Quentin’s life is pretty predictable, until Margo Roth Spiegelman, his feisty and unpredictable neighbor, appears at his window and persuades him to embark on a madcap night of revenge-fueled pranking.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson (juv G7692W): Kathy already reviewed the newest of Green’s titles on the CRC blog, so I’ll just say WG/WG is co-written with author David Levithan,* and is equal parts heart-breaking and heart-warming.

Each novel is a great reading-for-fun book and all of them are delightful, fun and thought-provoking.

But what about this nerdfighter thing? As I mentioned before, Green helps decrease world suck through his novels and his videos. He has a collab YouTube channel, called Vlogbrothers, with his brother, Hank. They discuss a wide range of topics, from the environment to why puppy-sized elephants would be the most adorable thing ever. This was where the nerdfighter community was founded.

For a text primer, check out Nerdfighter.com’s FAQ page. Or, better yet: check out the video.

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome. (And continue to check out the CRC’s Steal Our Display for continuously-changing fiction titles to read for fun as the semester winds down!)

*David Levithan’s other novels are also amazing and I highly recommend them! In the CRC, we have Boy Meets Boy and The Realm of Possibility. He also co-wrote Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which went on to be made into a movie in 2008, and the new Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, both of which were co-written by Rachel Cohn and are available through OhioLink!

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