The Junkyard Wonders


Polacco, Patricia. The Junkyard Wonders. Philomel Books, a division of Penguin Young Readers Group. 2010. ISBN: 3780399250781

In The Junkyard Wonders, Patricia Polacco recounts her experiences of being put in a class for special needs as a child and meeting Mrs. Peterson, the class’ teacher. In an incredibly touching tribute to both her former teacher and her fellow “tribe” members, Polacco combines text and colorful, pencil-lined drawings to indicate how bullies affected her life and how Mrs. Peterson and her classmates helped recognize Trisha’s potential and inner-genius. The ending is incredibly heart-warming and will have many reaching for tissues.

The Junkyard Wonders is slightly text-heavy, but it would be a great read-and-discuss book for any child. The pictures are done roughly, but provide bright color and illustrate each scene incredibly well.

Kellie Tilton, BGSU Librarian

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