Stolen: A Provocative Thriller

“You saw me before I saw you.”

Stolen Jacket

16-year-old Gemma was taken from her family in a Bangkok airport by Ty. She was drugged and held against her will in the terrifying beauty of Australia’s Sandy Desert. Stolen is Gemma‚Äôs account of her kidnapping. It is her letter to Ty.

Coming soon to the CRC, Stolen by Lucy Christopher (C5563s) is a gripping and provocative thriller that will stick with you long after the book has been returned. Written from 16-year-old Gemma’s perspective, Christopher’s narrative takes you on an emotional journey through the expected-but-terrifying fear and isolation Gemma experienced, as well as the unexpected sympathy for and understanding of her captor, Ty.

Christopher spent numerous years living in Melbourne, Australia, and found her inspiration for the setting of Stolen in the country’s beautiful but dangerous desert. Stolen is Christopher’s debut novel, and has already been nominated for an Inky’s Award.

Scholastic has supplied a Q&A with Christopher on the book’s website and more information about Christopher can be found at her personal website.

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