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New Biographies

New books recently added to the children’s collection include the following biographies:  Michelle Obama JUV 923.29 O121 B6663m and William Randolph Hearst JUV 920.5 H4365G624w.  Check out these and other stories about interesting lives for children in elementary through high school.

Greg Heffley visits the CRC

Attention Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans! For a limited time Greg Heffley is hanging out in the CRC and he would love to have his picture taken with you. You can say hi to Greg anytime the CRC is open.

Pi Day will be here on March 14

Pi Day isn’t only for math teachers, although they seem to have the most fun with it!  Celebrated every March 14, Pi Day is a favorite of teachers and students alike.  Great Pi Day ideas can be found at, Exploratorium’s Pi Day Celebration Page, Education World   , and Teach  Here at the CRC we recommend […]

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