Billy & Milly Short & Silly

Feldman, Eve B..  Billy and Milly Short and Silly. 2009. Illustrated by Tuesday Mourning.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons. ISBN 9780399246517.

billyCan a story take place in just three or four words?  Eve Feldman found a way, and all in rhyme.  Teaming up with illustrator Tuesday Mourning,  Billy & Milly Short & Silly, presents 13 very short stories that delight in their simplicity.   Wide-set eyed Billy and Milly find themselves surprised by basketballs, crocodiles, bees, and broomsticks to the rhythm of the bold text.  Great fun for younger children, this lovely little book lends itself to multiple re-readings that won’t go stale.

Billy and Milly can be found hanging out in the CRC hallway in The Children’s Book Center at call number JUV F3123b.

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