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2009 Homecoming: Rated BG

We’re puttin’ on the Ritz with a panavision explosion of orange and brown in the Curriculum Resource Center in honor of Homecoming 2009!  Stop up and check out our flashy marquee, the coveted Golden Falcon award, and the CRC Walk of Fame!   It’s a tribute to the movies and BGSU alumni-stop in and check us, and […]

Billy & Milly Short & Silly

Feldman, Eve B..  Billy and Milly Short and Silly. 2009. Illustrated by Tuesday Mourning.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons. ISBN 9780399246517. Can a story take place in just three or four words?  Eve Feldman found a way, and all in rhyme.  Teaming up with illustrator Tuesday Mourning,  Billy & Milly Short & Silly, presents 13 very […]

Today is National Punctuation Day

September 24 is National Punctuation Day, and teachers and students all over the country are celebrating with the Official Meatloaf of the Day.  Why meatloaf?  Because it can be formed into the shape of today’s punctuation mark:  a question mark!  We have many great items on punctuation that can be checked out today, and any other day, […]

Cross Section Models

We’ve recently added four new cross section models to enhance your science lessons.  Made of durable, colorful foam these models have one half labeled for instruction and the other half marked for quizzing.  Allows your students to get a “handle” on concepts.  We have Earth Model (CURR TA 372.35 L437cro), Flower Model (CURR TA 372.357 L438c), […]

Easy as A-B-C

Teaching basic alphabet identification and sounds?  Make your lesson fun and engaging by using one of our new alphabet teaching aids.  Alphabet Match Me Cards (CURR TA 372.414 T794a), Alphabet Bean Bags (CURR TA 372.414 E247a), and E-Z as ABC game (CURR TA 372.414 E247ez).

Constitution Day is September 17

Constitution Day will soon be here, and schools that offer Title 1 programs are required to recognize it.  It is a day to discuss and recognize the founding fathers of our country and we have great resources to help teachers do just that.  The Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database offers these linked suggestions for resources.  For […]

Hands-On Math Ideas

We’ve just added four great titles loaded with hands-on activities for teaching math.  Big Ideas for Growing Mathematicians:  Exploring Elementary Math with 20 Ready-to-Go Activities is designed for teachers of students ages 10-14.  Hands-On Standards:  Photo-Illustrated Lessons for Teaching with Math Manipulatives includes 3 volumes:  Grades PreK-K, Grades 1-2, and Grades 3-4.  Together they present […]

We’re Famous for Our Puppets

Ask people what we do at the Curriculum Resource Center, and often you will hear, aren’t they the library with the puppets?  Of course we have much more, but YES, we are the home of many wonderful, colorful puppets.  Curious about how many puppets we have?  Just click HERE.  The newest additions to our puppet […]

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