Off to War: Voices of Soldiers’ Children

Ellis, Deborah.  Off to War:  Voices of Soldiers’ Children. 2008.  Groundwood Books.  ISBN:  978-0-88899-894-1.

Ellis, who gained acclaim with her Breadwinner trilogy set in Afghanistan, has taken on the topic of the children of soldiers.  Interviewing children from the United States and Canada who have a parent or parents involved in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, she writes poignantly of the joys and struggles of these children.  The kids share how they cope with stress, how their parents are different when they come home, fighting with the remaining parent, and keeping their mind off of sadness.  Many find solace in sharing their feelings with other soldiers’ children, e-mailing and talking to the deployed parent, and keeping busy.  A copy of this is located with the new books in the CRC hallway at JUV 303.6 E469o.

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