Zip, Zip…Homework

Poydar, Nancy.  Zip, Zip…Homework. New York:  Holiday House. (2008) ISBN: 978-0-8234-2090-2.

Violet has the perfect backpack with wheels, zippers, and snaps and she can’t wait to be assigned a real homework assignment to use it.  Finally Ms. Patience assigns a take-home paper and Violet thinks she is ready to tackle it…until she can’t find the paper anywhere.  For children who have good intentions but can’t quite get it all together, the dilemma of what to do when the homework paper disappears is very familiar.  So how do Ms. Patience, Violet, and Mom and Dad finally work it all out?  Find Violet and her backback on the CSCL bookshelves at JUV P8913z.

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