Horse Song: The Naadam of Mongolia

Lewin, Ted and Betsy Lewin.  Horse Song:  The Naadam of Mongolia.  Illustrated by the authors.  New York:  Lee & Low Books, 2008.  ISBN:  978-1-58430-277-2.

Horse SongBe transported to the wide open Mongolian steppe through this fascinating book about the annual summer festival of Naadam.  Ted and Betsey Lewin share the sites, tastes, and smells of this horse culture located in the Gobi Desert.  Follow the story of nine-year-old Tamir as his family prepares him to participate in a 14 mile horse race where the jockeys are children and the horses are half-wild.  Included are facts about Mongolia and the collapsible round felt tents, or ger, that the Mongolian nomads live in as they travel around the countryside.  You will find this watercolor masterpiece with the new CSCL books at JUV 306.0951 L672h.

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