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The Fish Who Cried Wolf

Donaldson, Julia.  The Fish Who Cried Wolf.  Illustrated by Axel Scheffler.  New York:  Scholastic, 2008.  ISBN:  978-0-439-92825-0. A small fish with a penchant for telling big tales, Tiddler has a tendency to wow his classmates with stories of amazing escapades that cause him to be late for school.  When he really meets up with adventure and finds […]

The Willoughbys

Lowry, Lois.  The Willoughbys.  Illustrated by the author.  Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Company, 2008.  ISBN978-0-618-97974-5. From the author of The Giver and Number the Stars,  the newest offering of Lois Lowry is The Willoughbys, a fun romp unlike anything she’s previously published.  A parody of traditional children’s orphan tales, the four Willoughby children suffer from nefarious parents who […]

Horse Song: The Naadam of Mongolia

Lewin, Ted and Betsy Lewin.  Horse Song:  The Naadam of Mongolia.  Illustrated by the authors.  New York:  Lee & Low Books, 2008.  ISBN:  978-1-58430-277-2. Be transported to the wide open Mongolian steppe through this fascinating book about the annual summer festival of Naadam.  Ted and Betsey Lewin share the sites, tastes, and smells of this […]

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