Oink, Oink Benny

Lindgren, Barbo.  Oink, Oink Benny.  Illustrated by Olof Landstrom and translated by Elisabeth Kallick Dyssegaard.  New York:  R & S Books, 2008.  ISBN:  978-91-29-66855-1.

Popular Swedish autOink, Oink Bennyhor Lindgren offers a third adventure for young piglet Benny and his little brother.  Benny has had it with playing inside with his potatoes and sticks and is ready to join the gang for some outside fun.  With only a warning to “stay out of the mudhole,” readers and listeners know where this story is headed.  Accompanying the uncomplicated text are the wonderfully muddy brown illustrations of Olof Landstrom which capture the sibling relationship between Benny and his stocking-capped, pacifier chewing brother.  Oink, Oink Benny is found in the hallway with the new CSCL books at JUV L74530.

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