Where’s My Mom?

Where's My MomDonaldson, Julia.  Where’s My Mom?  Illustrated by Axel Scheffler.  Dial Books for Young Readers:  2008.  ISBN:  978-0-8037-3228-5.

A little monkey, alone in the dark jungle, asks, “where’s my mom?”  A helpful butterfly offers to take the monkey to his mom, but first the little monkey must describe her.  Through description of separate attributes the butterfly mistakenly leads the little monkey to an elephant (big), snake (tail coils), spider ( legs) and so on.  After many false starts, little monkey is safely reunited with both of his parents, while learning that not all babies look like their parents, such as the butterfly.  Alex Scheffler’s colorful art captures the sweetness and curiosity of the little monkey with plenty of jungle animals filling the bold spreads.  A delightful way for young children to learn about description of characteristics that make us alike and different, this gently rhyming book is a pleasure to read and view.

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