Not In Room 204

Riggs, Shannon.  Not In Room 204. Illustrated by Jaime Zollars. Morton Grove, Illinois: Albert Whitman & Company.  ISBN: 9780807557648.

Shannon Riggs thoughtfully presents a children’s picture book on the topic of sexual abuse.  While this topic appears to be nearly impossible to tackle in such a format, the story of Regina Lillian Hadwig is a hopeful and sensitive treatment to this difficult subject.  Mrs. Salvador, Regina’s teacher, gains Regina’s trust by providing a safe and structured environment for her students.  Mrs. Salvadore goes beyond the typical “stranger danger” lesson and tells the children that sometimes people familiar and even trusted by the child may touch children in ways they shouldn’t be touched, and that she, Mrs. Salvador, knows exactly what to do to help. Regina reaches out to Mrs. Salvador and the story ends on a note of hope.   Not In Room 204  is located with the juvenile fiction  at R5696n.

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