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Santa’s Eleven Months Off

Did you know Santa Claus likes to trick-or-treat?  He does, and he does it dressed up as the Easter bunny!  Mike Reiss (How Murray Saved Christmas and Late for School) teams up with Michael G. Montgomery (Night Rabbits and The Amazing Mr. Franklin) to walk readers through the calendar year with the big guy while he’s […]

Winter Wonderland

Snow Day! Those magic words bring a smile to the lips of students and teachers all over the state today.  The excitement of the possibility of having a day off from school is captured in Lester Laminack’s new book Snow Day!  The weather forecaster is predicting snow…should the family get their hopes up?  Find out […]

The Tests Never End

For all of you education majors suffering from final exam study exhaustion,  remember the Praxis I and II exams are coming up on January 12.  We can help you  prepare with a variety of Praxis preparation guides available for borrowing.  Check out our catalog’s selection by entering National teacher examinations–study guides as a  Subject search.

Dewey Decimal Day

Happy Dewey Decimal Day, or rather Happy Birthday to its founder, Melvil Dewey.  The American librarian who created the Dewey Decimal Classification system was born today in 1851.  Our curriculum collection, teaching aid collection, and many of our juvenile books are classified by Mr. Dewey’s system. 

Teaching Today

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on this date in 1941 was, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt so aptly stated, “a date which will live in infamy.” The CRC has resources to help teachers connect students to the events of 66 years ago.  For a listing of available books, videos, and pictures click here. 

Happy To Be Here

Hopefully everyone has noticed the sleek new look of the CRC web pages.  The blue and yellow blocks are gone and we now fit in with the look of the rest of the university.  Soon the whole library will have the new layout, and it is hoped that it will be easy to learn and […]

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