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Welcome to BGSU!

The Curriculum Resource Center or CRC is located on the 2nd floor of the Jerome Library.

The CRC contains textbooks, literature for children and young adults, reference books, multimedia materials relating to areas of preschool, elementary, secondary and special education.

The CRC offers instructional presentations, tours and orientation sessions.  Our materials circulate to BGSU students, faculty, staff as well as to  educational professionals and the community.  In other words we have some fun stuff like puppets, lesson planning idea books, pop-up books, big books, new books, audio books, opportunity to write book reviews for our blog, games, teaching aids, printer, space to work or study, Smart notebook software on our computers and a Smartboard.

The CRC also has a hot laminator, Ellison and Accu/Cut Machines, and a friendly reference service by experienced teachers. Want to know more please visit our website at


Click on the picture to get a closer look at where we are located.

Stop by the CRC and check out what we have to offer YOU!

Flipchart Friday

Flipcharts are a great way to enlarge visuals for the whole class. Here at the CRC we have loads of flipcharts, shown are some examples. The largest flipchart has 20 different graphs for you to either customize or write on to help your students. The clock flipchart has moveable hands and changeable numbers to correspond. The smallest flipchart can help students with their place values and decimals. Good luck! #flipcharts #numbers #math #learning #school  #graphs  #time Written by CRC Student, Alexandria #crcstudents #bgsucrc  #FlipchartFridayAll

Children’s Magazines Available Online

Did you know you can access juvenile magazines through the library’s online database subscriptions?

Well, you can!

Did you know that these magazines are great lesson planning resources?

Well, they are!

You can get to Scholastic News, Ranger Rick, National Geographic Kids, Sports Illustrated for Kids and many more titles too.

If you know the title of the magazine that you want to browse, you can get to it by going to the library’s home page (ul.bgsu.edu). With the Summon tab active in the search area, click on “Journals by Title,” and on the next page, next to “Title begins with,” input the title you’d like to browse. If you are off campus you will have to input your credentials to get to the content. From the list of sources for the content, click on the one that has the date range that appeals to you. On the far right side is a list of the available issues by year. Click through to the issue you are interested in and browse away.

For lesson planning, you can search within a database to see if there are articles related to the subject you want to teach. There are tons of ways to search, but one way to just limit to juvenile content would be to search over one or all of the following databases: Primary Search (content geared to really young readers), Middle Search Plus (content geared to middle school aged kids), or MAS Ultra (content geared to high school students). To get to a particular database, from the library home page (ul.bgsu.edu) with the Summon tab active in the search area, click on “All Databases,” then select the initial letter of the database from the “Databases A-Z” section, scroll down to the database you want and click on the word “Connect” at the end of the title. If you are off campus you will have to input your credentials to get to the content. Once you are in the database, input your search terms and see what you find!

Have a Game Night with Help from the CRC!

GamesWhat are you doing this weekend? Why not come to the CRC ad check out some games to have a board game night with your friends?! We have games like Scrabble, Shoots and Ladders, and Monopoly, just to name a few! Come in today! #games #FalconFriday #bgsucrc #gamenight #weekend

New Die Cut Subscription Sold on Sunday

Want to decorate your dorm room? Maybe you will have a crafty project due next semester? The CRC will begin selling Fall Die Cut Subscription cards on Sunday for only $2.00 plus tax! What great about a die cut subscription? It is good for the whole semester, and you can use it to make games or manipulatives for your classroom, decorations for your dorm room, something crafty to give away, and so much more! Check out all the cool projects you can do with die cuts! #bgsucrc #ellisondiecuts #crafts #decorations #projects


New Puppets

new puppets  The CRC just added 8 NEW Let’s talk! community helper puppets.  They include a chef, doctor, teacher, mail carrier, nurse, firefighter, police officer, and an astronaut.  They will make a great addition to your lessons.


Math Magical Monday: wrap ups

There are about 3 weeks left before school starts! That’s a good amount of time to freshen up on those math facts. But, why practice them with regular old flashcard, when the CRC has many fun tools to help you like these wrap ups. We have ones for multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, and even fractions. Come in and check them out today!


Timely Tip Tuesday

Want to use hand signals in your classroom? Here are some ideas to help you get started! Each picture below has a different system for the hand signals but both are effective in keeping kids on track and the flow going. Written by CRC Student, Alexandria

hand signal 1 hand signal 2


YA books

Get your #selfie stick ready because it is #ShelfieSunday! That’s right it’s a selfie of a shelf, and look at all those Young Adult novels! There is no better time to read a good book than the summer. You can lay out in the sun or curl up with blankets on a rainy day reading a book. Traveling too expensive? Not when you have a library card. You can escape to many different places just by reading a book. So come in and travel to new places with our books. Don’t forget to bring your selfie stick! #books #traveling #escape #RainOrShine

Nuclear weapons deal in the news

Teaching about current events? Find loads of background resources through the CRC. The recent Nuclear Deal may be a touchstone for talking about historical events related to the development of nuclear weapons. Come to the CRC to find relevant non-fiction literature written for a juvenile audience and kits of reproductions of primary source materials, among other things. Search in the catalog for the Manhattan Project, nuclear age, or the cold war, for example, to see the wealth of information resources available at the CRC.

The CRC has an extensive collection of non-fiction juvenile literature and teaching resources. Check us out!

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