• Point of the story…just stop using Internet Explorer 🙂 http://t.co/Whn7x2v (via @mwkraut) #
  • “@rkiker: Creativity and Creative Learning http://t.co/jqz6xdI” #
  • Evernote Peek by @evernote: study tool exclusive to iPad 2. Good find, @mwkraut! http://t.co/VZgHEQa #
  • I suppose you could make any note taking app work like this. @evernote's advantage is, of course, that it works/syncs across device/platform #
  • Unless Evernote Peek doesn't sync with your normal @Evernote account. I should probably do more research 🙂 still…pretty cool app! #
  • Using Skype for student/teacher conferences? You can record those sessions on your iPhone/iPad! #bgsuOFT
    http://t.co/SRJHghT #