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Double Reed Day

On Saturday, January 5th, 2013, Bowling Green State University’s College of Musical Arts will hold its annual Double Reed Day, hosted by Dr. Susan Nelson, assistant professor of bassoon, and Lynne Marie Mangan, adjunct associate professor of oboe, along with he BGSU bassoon and oboe studios.

The day will provide an opportunity for oboists and bassoonists of all ages and abilities to come together to explore and learn more about their respective instruments.  Double Reed Day will feature solo competitions for each instrument (one at the high school level, and one at the college level), masterclasses and recitals by BGSU faculty and Guest Artists, and presentations.

Guest Artists from the Grand Rapids Symphony are Alexander Miller, oboe and John Clapp, bassoon. The day will conclude with a performance by the solo competition winners and a large double reed ensemble consisting of the participants from the day.

Several outstanding vendors will have products and instruments available to try and purchase, such as TrevCo-Varner Music, Weait Music, Carlos Coelho Oboes and English Horns, Miller Marketing,  Moosmann Bassoons, double reed tools and supplies, Fox Products, and Robert D. Jordan CEO of Weisberg Systems, LLC (No-flick bassoon key system).

Presentations on instrument maintenance will be given by Barry Trent of Fox Products and Ko Kaiden of Ko Kaiden Expert Woodwind Repair.  Ko Kaiden will also give consultations and make small instrument repairs for part of the day.

Those participating should bring their instrument, reed making equipment, and repertoire if performing in a master class.

Registration for the event is online.  For more information and to register visit: