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Changing the car buying experience one woman at a time

The common goal among car advice websites directed toward women is to educate the female driver in order to become a more knowledgeable and effective car buyer. However, while providing women with ammunition – in the form of information – is an important objective of women-drivers.com, its primary mission is to transform the automobile industry […]

Keeping car advice sites “familiar”

The military origins of the Internet are often considered responsible for the male domination of the technology in its early years. However, once the computer became an integral part of households and workplaces, its popularity among female users increased substantially. In fact, by the turn of the twenty-first century, women’s online participation exceeded that of […]

What does confidence have to do with it?

Car advice websites specifically targeted to women have a common underlying theme. All endeavor to provide women with the skills necessary to become strong negotiators and savvy consumers. Each site offers automotive knowledge on a myriad of topics and in a number of accessible forms. Blogs, podcasts, videos, and automotive news feeds keep female drivers […]

Don’t get “chicked!”

Women-drivers.com is a simple, easy-to-navigate website with a primary focus on improving women’s car dealership and service experience. This is accomplished by addressing both sides of the consumer – dealer equation. Women-drivers.com not only provides basic automotive knowledge to make women better-informed consumers, but also educates dealership personnel on marketing and selling to the female […]

The road’s a trip

Since Henry Ford first produced the “car for the multitude,” drivers have been taking to the road. While the automobile was originally embraced primarily for its utility, the act of driving soon represented “what it means to be modern and free” (Seiler 2). The possibilities of the “open road,” famously celebrated by Walt Whitman, became […]

The Liberated Lady Driver

While the stereotype of the “woman driver” was created during the era of the automobile’s introduction, remnants of that portrayal remain in present day media and popular culture representations. In “The Liberated Lady Driver,” Beth Craig questions the validity of such depictions while criticizing the auto industry and advertisers for their role in perpetuating the […]

The myth of the “woman driver”

Online automotive advice sources  – such as Road & Travel, AskVicky.com, and the “Woman and Family Car Guide” – provide women with the knowledge, strategies, and tools necessary to become better car owners and drivers. These communities of female experts understand that an informed driver will make better decisions, and will be taken more seriously […]

Freedom on the road

As its name suggests, Road and Travel magazine differs from other car advice websites in its inclusion of travel information. RTM’s vast “travel” channel offers a myriad of articles on a wide variety of travel topics. While traveling by car is a focus of the website, other modes of transport are equally represented. Yet the […]

Fun on the road

Despite the variation in websites that offer automotive advice to women, there are common themes that appear in just about every location. A shared emphasis on safety, negotiation skills, family vehicles, green automobiles, car buying tips, car reviews, and automotive maintenance suggests these concerns are of interest and importance to female drivers. Thus it is […]

On the road with Road & Travel

Road & Travel is an online consumer magazine and resource specializing in automotive, travel, and personal safety topics for the female driver. It is a large and comprehensive site with information on a myriad of auto and travel related subjects. The site is divided into two channels – automotive and travel – with appropriate links […]