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Cruisin’ Culture

While the proper care and maintenance of the automobile was an importance part of car culture, it was the means to an end. And that “end” was showing off one’s car – and driving ability – through cruising or drag racing. The prosperity following World War II not only made the possibility of automobility available […]

The drive from Ann Arbor to Lansing

This past Friday night, I drove my ‘49 Ford to the annual Rolling Sculpture show in downtown Ann Arbor. I not only planned to have a little fun showing off my own car, but also hoped to find a few women with classic muscle cars among the other exhibitors. Just 10 miles from my house, […]

Boys under the hood.

While anyone with a car could cruise Woodward Avenue, serious car buffs used the four-lane thoroughfare to test automobiles of their own construction. Influenced by the California hot rod movement, teenage gear heads modified older cars as means of self-expression as well as to reject the corporate styles dictated by Detroit (Gartman, 1986, p. 184). […]

Cruise to the Fountain

Marshall is a small Michigan city recognized for the nineteenth and early twentieth century architecture that lines its historical streets. It is located midway between Lansing, the state capitol, and the Michigan-Indiana border. Annually, on the weekend before the Fourth of July, Marshall holds the “Cruise to the Fountain” classic car show at the Calhoun […]

The street that started it all

During the early 1960s, Woodward Avenue – the thoroughfare that divides Detroit into east and west – was the birthplace of the muscle car. Despite its rather ordinary appearance, this twenty-one mile stretch of highway contained all of the necessary elements for the development of what has been referred to as a “dominant icon in […]

Classics for the Cure

While the primary purpose of the classic car show is to celebrate the history of the automobile, many have a secondary objective. “Classics for the Cure” is an annual event put on by the Michigan Mopar Muscle Club to raise breast cancer awareness. The organizer of the event, a female officer of the MMM, works […]

The car that started it all

The 1964 Pontiac GTO (Gran Turismo Omolgato) is often credited for being the first “muscle car.” It was the brainchild of John DeLorean, who became chief engineer of Pontiac, a division of General Motors, in 1961. Searching for a way to address the flagging sales of the Tempest, Pontiac’s disappointing entry into the mid-size automotive […]

Flexing some muscle at Motor Muster

One of the highlights of the summer is the annual two-day Motor Muster held on the grounds of Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. It is a spectacular event; not only are 800 period-correct cars on display throughout the village, but there are numerous parades, lectures, and activities held throughout the day and into the evening […]

Women with Muscle at CEMA

The unusually cold and rainy spring has put a damper on local car shows. Attendance at the CEMA car show (Chrysler Employee Motorsport Association) on Saturday, June 11 was down due to the threat of thunderstorms that lingered most of the day. However, that did not deter diehard car enthusiasts from displaying their vehicles on […]