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New Women & Cars Blog

If you’re interested in what I’ve been up to lately, check out my new blog at http://chrislezotte.net/wordpress/news-views/ Thanks for your interest in Women & Cars.

Blog Update

This blog was originally constructed as a class project while working on my doctorate at Bowling Green State University. I am happy to report that I received my PhD in 2015 [at the age of 66!] and that what began as a course assignment developed into a journal article, dissertation chapter, and a book – […]

Nostalgia & the muscle car

The American muscle car was inspired by and produced for a very specific population. During the early 1960s, auto manufacturers conspired to create a category of automobile that would appeal to the legions of newly licensed young men of the baby boomer generation. Unlike the teenage drivers that preceded them, boomers were not drivers of […]

Props, prizes, passengers, & prospects

Women’s participation in muscle car culture from 1964 to 1973 is, for the most part, undocumented in scholarship as well as popular culture. Historian Margaret Walsh (2006) suggests that young women took part in cruising culture as observers or passengers. Their main objective, Walsh contends, was to be seen, “thereby enhancing their status with their […]

Mopars @ Baker’s

Baker’s of Milford is a neighborhood restaurant with a special affinity toward classic cars. From the first Sunday in May until the last Sunday in September, Baker’s sponsors the Sunday Night Cruise, an eclectic car show held on the restaurant’s lawn and parking lots. Over 100 classic car owners participate in this event each weekend, […]

Back to Chelsea

“Sounds and Sights” is the annual summer festival held in historic Chelsea, Michigan, a small city located 16 miles west of Ann Arbor. The two-day, three-night event includes live music from local bands, children’s entertainment and activities, cinema movies at dusk, an open-air market, and a classic car show. The car show, which features over […]

The Pony Car gets Muscle

When muscle cars congregate at classic car shows across southeastern Michigan, there are always a large number of Ford Mustangs in attendance. One of the most successful vehicles to ever drive off Ford’s assembly line, the Mustang remains popular after 40 plus years. With the introduction of the Mustang in 1964, Ford created what was […]

Mopars at the Red Barns

In 1963, Donald Gilmore purchased 90 acres of farm property in Hickory Corners, Michigan as a site for his growing antique car collection. Several historic barns in the area were purchased, dismantled, and reassembled on the Gilmore farm to store and display the automobiles. In 1966, the Gilmores decided to open the collection to the […]

Fast cars and the boomer generation

During the 1950s and early 1960s, teenagers from Detroit’s working class gathered on Woodward Avenue to hone mechanical skills, exchange automotive information, and test-drive vehicles of their own design. Auto designers and engineers who traversed Woodward on a regular basis often stopped to converse with the young “gearheads” not only to provide materials and offer […]

The car show at MIS

Although Saturday was an unseasonably hot and humid July day, it did not deter the hundreds of classic car owners from attending the annual Onsted Car Show. Vehicles of every description, from time periods spanning the early twentieth century to the present day, were lined up in orderly rows in the central paddock of the […]