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Response to “Coming of Age in Second Life” by Tom Boellstorff

Coming of Age in Second Life is an examination of a virtual world by one of its members. Tom Boellstorff enters the virtual not as himself, but rather, as an avatar of his own creation, with the name of Tom Bukowski. Boellstorff immerses himself in Second Life as a citizen as well as a participant-observer, […]

Response to Shayla Thiel Stern’s “Instant Identity”

In Instant Identity, Shayla Thiel Stern offers an interpretive and analytical account of her research into the use of instant messaging by adolescent American girls. Through close readings of IM texts, as well as personal interviews with the young women who wrote them, Stern provides new insight into the adolescent girl’s search for identity and […]

Internet Inquiry Part 2

Lori Kendall writes, “suppression of the erotic in the experience of fieldwork potentially cuts off an important source of knowledge” (101). While I would agree that sexual attraction should be recognized and noted for its influence on the researcher’s perspective and interpretation of data and events, I also believe that a sexual relationship between the […]

Internet Inquiry Part 1

Perhaps the most notable observation upon reading Internet Inquiry is that there is no clear consensus on how to go about online ethnological research. The ever-changing online environment, which transforms and reconfigures itself faster than scholars can study and write about it, provides a challenge to researchers, especially those who come to online ethnography from […]

Response to “Cyber Selves” by our very own Radhika Gajjala

In 1993, feminist scholar Radhika Gajjala embarked on an ethnological journey into what, at the time, was relatively unchartered terrain. Using her own Internet email group as the location of her investigation, Gajjala’s intent was to examine the production of identity in South Asian diasporic women through Internet participation, as well as to uncover the […]

Response to D. Soyini Madison’s “Critical Ethnography”

Critical Ethnography, written by D. Soyini Madison, is an engaging introduction to the practice of ethnography. And while it is certainly useful as a handbook to those entering the discipline, it is a manual with a particular point of view. Madison recognizes and acknowledges the role of positionality in ethnographical research. She writes, “positionality is […]

Second Chance at Second Life

After purchasing a new mouse at the Apple store, and learning how to make it “right click,” I decided to give Second Life a second try. I wanted to view the performance of MGandhi Chakrabarti as suggested by Dr. Gajjala, but he wasn’t online so I missed the opportunity. Since I had a little time, […]

Response to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Before she ever begins her correspondence with the citizens of Guernsey, Juliet Ashton expresses dissatisfaction with her own “place.” Displaced from her own flat due to the war, and faced with obligatory book readings across the mainland, Ashton writes to her friend Sophie about her feelings of gloom and despair in war’s aftermath. She wishes […]

The Online Life of Chris Lezotte

I began my venture into virtual space by taking a tour through Second Life. My first impression is that it is a very, very young virtual world. Creating an avatar was a very frustrating experience. While I was able to change my outfit and body shape, there were no instructions to “add wrinkles.” It seems […]