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Car Show of Car Shows

The Meadowbrook Concours d’Elegance is one of the premier car shows in the country. It takes place annually on the beautifully manicured grounds of the Meadowbrook Estate, the former residence of Matilda Dodge Wilson (widow of auto pioneer John Dodge). Entry into the Concours is quite competitive; classic, rare and restored automobiles come from all […]

Lady Birds and the Internet

The Vintage Thunderbird Club International (VTCI) and Thunderbird Nest are two of the primary forums for Tbird enthusiasts. VTCI focuses primarily on classic Thunderbirds from the first through tenth “generations,” 1955 – 1997. The Thunderbird Nest caters to owners of the 2002 – 2005 eleventh generation “retro birds.” The users of each website differ considerably. […]

Online Car Love

Those who perceive the automobile as simply a means of transportation (such as many officials in Washington DC) have difficulty understanding the “car crazy” enthusiast, an individual who not only has a visceral attachment to the car, but ascribes meaning to it. Pragmatic individuals, who consider the automobile as simply a necessary form of technology, […]

Another trip to the “Nest”

I spent another afternoon on the Thunderbird Nest. I browsed through a number of forums, not only to uncover the subject matter of discussions on the list, but more important, the general tone of the forum as well as the demeanor of its active participants. The Thunderbird Nest is generally a very friendly and helpful […]

Cruising Telegraph

Cruising is an important part of classic car culture. While car shows provide an opportunity to view automobiles up close and personal, cruising presents cars in their natural element – on the road. Cruising hearkens back to the late 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s, when teenage boys would take their cars out on the main […]

The Thunderbird Nest

The ThunderbirdNest [http://www.thunderbirdnest.com/] is a very active site devoted to enthusiasts of 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Ford Thunderbirds, aka “retro birds.” There are over 5000 online members, and many of them log on daily. As I log on at 4PM, I notice that there are currently 110 individuals online; there have been as many […]

Chelsea Summer Festival Car Show – The Ladies

I entered the show as a participant observer; however, although my husband and I had a car entered, I spent the majority of the evening mingling with the crowd, looking at cars, and talking to a few of the women who owned them. There was a large contingent from the Water Wonderland Thunderbird Club present, […]

Chelsea Summer Festival Car Show – The Show

Chelsea is an old Michigan town (celebrating its 175th anniversary this year) located 20 miles west of Ann Arbor. It is perhaps most famous for being the home of Jiffy cake mixes, as well as actor Jeff Daniels. It is composed of well-kept neighborhoods with older homes. It has a Main Street with interesting shops, […]

Two Lady Birds (whose last names aren’t Johnson)

The Ford Thunderbird has never been recognized for its handling ability, the hallmark of a true sports car. While it had a powerful engine in its earliest incarnations, the attraction of the Thunderbird has always been for its style, superior design, and generous amenities. Rather than a sports car, the Thunderbird is most often considered […]

The WWTC Website

The Water Wonderland Thunderbird Club website is a central source of information for club members. Paul N., who has been web master since 1998, recently updated the site to make it more user-friendly. Paul taught himself HTML code, then consulted with an experienced web designer to make the new site more professional in appearance and […]