1 – Alyn Euritt “Intimacy as a Framework for Podcast Mediation”


This paper briefly presents a podcasting-specific definition of intimacy and how it can be used as a framework for understanding podcast mediation. But also, its a chat cast. and there’s an ASMR halfway through

Alyn Euritt is a doctoral candidate at the Universität Leipzig, where she studies the cultural construction of intimacy in American podcasting. She has published on podcasting in terms of publics in Participations, Popular Communication and Gender Forum and the relationship between podcast chat and intimacy in kommunikation@gesellschaft.

Cities of Sound is an official Panel of the 2021 Pacific Ancient Modern Language Association


Euritt, Alyn “1 – Alyn Euritt “Intimacy as a Framework for Podcast Mediation”” Mp3. November 12. Cities of Sound: Podcasting as Public Texts, Media and Performances. 2021 Pacific Ancient Modern Language Association Conference https://anchor.fm/citiesofsound/episodes/1—Alyn-Euritt-Intimacy-as-a-Framework-for-Podcast-Mediation-e1a68b2

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Music by Kevin MacLeod (Incomptech.org)

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