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Congratulation! You made it! As a student who has already took this class, I’ll tell you that do not afraid to ask questions in the class because your question could be others too! The reason you came here to take this class is because you want to improve yourself. If you’d like to do well in this class, there are few things you need to remember. Never chatting and using others work without citing, this is a big deal in college. Try your best to do all homework because the textbook will tell you a lot about grammar stuff. Also, show up on time, you might not want to loss you point from being absent. If I need to take ESOL1000 again, I will not skip the class just simply because I want to sleep at morning. What’s more, I benefit a lot from this class since I learned how to make a good structure about writing an essay, I can share my homework with you to see how huge improvement I have made. Although I still have grammar mistakes, I’m trying my best to reduce them as I can. I used to have no ideas about preposition, after taking this class, I think I can be confident to use them! As for grammar, I will ask my roommate continue to help me, she helps me a lot when I was lost about grammar. Good luck for taking this class!

Sincerely, Lu Chen

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38 thoughts on “Final Blog Post

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