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How to Study Psychology Well

I was interested in psychology because one of my friends told me her major is psychology and she said it is really fun to learn! I’d like to watch crime dramas since middle school especially micro expressions dramas. In my opinion, if you want to study psychology well, the first thing you need to do is like what you are learning. Interest is the best teacher. Also,  you need to keep practicing and making sure you understand all that professors have said. There is no way to learn psychology well without practicing.

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3 thoughts on “How to Study Psychology Well

  1. kefeiy
    11:01 pm - 11-13-2016

    Interesting. I used to take a neuropsychology class. to be honest it is hard! the terminology in the biology is so different from English. sometimes I need to remember a word letter by letter. something like ‘peptidoglycan’. just so hard for me.

  2. Steven
    7:15 pm - 11-15-2016

    Back in to Taiwan, I was deicide to study psychology, because I was really interesting study human thinking. However, the way of my teacher teach me is reduce my interesting.

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