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Above-ground houses is my choice


September 27th, 2016 Posted 5:26 pm

For me, I prefer living in above-ground houses. Assuming you are living in the underground house, the environment can be very humid and if you want to put some food in there without a refrigerator, food will soon be covered with mildew. Imagine you’re eating these food unnoticed, the results can be predicted and it cannot be good for sure. This situation will still happen notwithstanding people are living above-ground houses, but it will be maintained at a relatively slow stable speed. Also, living in the underground house can be messy. The underground technique might be not as good as above-ground. Take the network, for instance. Lots of people in the current era cannot live without the network at all and I am the one of them. I need to use Internet everyday to chat with my friend, do homework online, play some games and so on. What’s more , living in the above-ground house is very convenient. Suppose that you have a car, and above-ground traffic have well-developed, you can reach wherever you want.

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My chemistry teacher


September 13th, 2016 Posted 5:53 pm

I’d like to introduce you to my high school chemistry teacher. She is not tall and she has long curly hair with big eyes.  Her smile impressed me most that it seems can make everybody happy. She was like an angel to take me into the door of the chemistry. When I did something right, she always praised me in class. Sometime, I was wrong about something, she would talked to me after the class and left me respect. She is good at catching our attention. I met her at cram class, and I haven’t got to chemistry before. Before the first class, she gave us a friendly smile to eliminate the embarrassment of the first meeting. That’s a really sweet smile! And then she used an experiment to draw our attention to how to put an egg into plastic bottles. First, she poured hot water into bottle to heat it up, next she put the egg on top and sprinkle some cold water near the beak. That’s where amazing things happens. The egg slowly slipped from the mouth of the bottle to the bottom of the bottom. We all were so surprised that we can’t even closed our mouth. After that, she explained us how this is work in detail. She is a teacher who always can give us the clearest explanation. She also like making friends with students, we all considered her as a big sister. I missed her a lot since I came to America to study.

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