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April 26, 2011

Did you know…


  • If you clean for two hours you can burn about 200 calories, so for every hour you spent cleaning, you burn around 100 calories.


  • Your kitchen sink has more germs than your toilet seat. So take extra time and consideration when tackling this area.


  • Club Soda can be a great emergency spot remover


  • Average time spend on weekly chores:

–       Washing/Doing Dishes: 2.5 hours weekly

–       Sweeping/Washing Floors: 1 hour weekly

–       Laundry: 2.5 hours weekly

–       Beds: 1.5 hours weekly (those 10 minutes per bed really add up)

–       Cleaning the Bathroom: 40 minutes weekly

–       Vacuuming: 1 hour weekly


  • On average 10 million bacteria are found in a sponge. If this is wiped on surfaces and ingested you could get sick. However, there are companies working on sponges with anti-bacterial properties.

These are a few helpful facts to keep in mind when doing your cleaning. It can help you get a better idea of what is most important to focus on, and how cleaning can be beneficial. As you can see, the time spent cleaning can add up (about 10 hours) so it is important to spend that time wisely. It is not helpful to continue cleaning things that do not usually accumulate the most bacteria. As mentioned above, bacteria can be harmful to your health.

Although the time spent cleaning will probably be less while in college, especially while living in the residence halls, it is still important to make a significant effort to keep things tidy and bacteria-free.


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