That Dirty, Dirty Roommate.

March 2, 2011

I don’t know about you, but dirty people get under my skin. We are old and mature enough to pick up after ourselves. College is a time where we learn to fend for ourselves, if we haven’t already been prone to do so. Cleaning and taking care of your living area is a huge part of this process because it shows yourself and others that you care enough to do a little bit of extra work, and that extra work goes a long way. I now know why growing up my mother would always say, “pick up after yourself, i’m not your maid.” It is not only rude, but selfish to constantly leave your stuff lying around.

I have found a few successful theories for the “dirty, dirty roommate”:

1. Ask them politely. (Seems simple, right?)

2. If you’re as nutty as me, you might just pick up after them because you need a clean space.

3. Leave the mess there so they can blatantly see that is is there to stay.

4. When all else fails, throw the mess into their room, dishes on their floor, clothes on their bed. This should be the last and final method>>EXTREME!

In all honesty, as with most things in life, communication is key. Simply talking to them is usually the best route to take. Tell them that although you have different ideas of a comfortable living environment, you both need to make sacrifices and come to a happy medium. It is much better than living in constant annoyance. Not only will it help with your living arrangements, but it can help to possibly better your friendship!


Stay Clean My Friends.

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