Perry Field House Reflection

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The Perry Field House was a very impressive facility. They had incorporated many trends in the field such as an indoor track and a court that was multipurpose. I have used both the courts and football field during my time here at school. I was always curious as to why they didn’t choose to switch over to Fieldturf as opposed to Astroturf but understood when they mentioned using that space for conventions. Fieldturf is much better for playing sports on but you don’t want a high volume of people in and out with different displays, tables, chairs, etc set up on the surface. The front entrance is not up to par with the size of the facility. Thus it prevents them from exceeding the 1000 person capacity. I feel that the storage areas are also too small. The equipment all over the playing surfaces inside is a hassle. It doesn’t so much get in the way as it is an eye sore. The parking however is great! The rec center parking situation is non-existant.

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