Regular visitors to the CAC and HCGL website have noticed a change in our appearance during the last year. Converting to our “new look” is an on-going process. Most of our site has been updated in this way–the HCGL site as well as the University Archives site are completed. The CAC’s Archival Chronicle, local records, bibliographies, manuscripts, genealogy, and some “historical perspectives” pages are also finished. The old-style webpages have remained online as a backup as we’ve made the conversions, but all information updates are added only to the new-style pages.

However, many online search engines still locate the old pages and direct users to them, instead of to our new pages. Carefully chosen “re-directs” have eliminated only some of this problem. Beginning in August 2008, the CAC will gradually remove the old-style pages from the web as the new-style pages take their place. The website continues to grow as the CAC adds more features, finding aids, and services. Stop back often!