Huron, Ohio – The 43 Annual Recognition Program at Bowling Green State University Firelands College was held on Friday, April 27 at 6 p.m. in the Cedar Point Center.  The following staff and students received awards:


Christopher Pejoro Bellevue Theatre Meritorious Award
Ryan  Rankin Bellevue Theatre Meritorious Award
Kaitlyn M. Davis Berlin Heights Visual Communication
Technology Award
Keisha L.  Farrar Clyde Society of the Flame
Kimmie L. Creque Huron Building Blocks to the Future
Michael Holt Huron Outstanding Theatre
Participant 2011-2012
Bryanna Bauman Huron Theatre Meritorious Award
Jamie Brokow Huron Theatre Meritorious Award
Katherine Gauthier Huron Theatre Meritorious Award
Rachel McLaughlin Huron Theatre Meritorious Award
Cassandra Warren Lakeside Marblehead Theatre Meritorious Award
Joseph C. Ritorto Lakewood Window to the Future
Kathleen A. Wheeler Milan Window to the Future
Cody Noon Milan Outstanding Theatre
Participant 2010-2012
Ethan T. Wilhelm North Fairfield Visual Media Technology
Elisabeth Anne Wingerter Norwalk Rudinger Foundation
Creative Arts Award
Brian E. Trumpower Norwalk Society of the Flame
Katia M. Castile Norwalk Window to the Future
Morgan Savage Norwalk Theatre Meritorious Award
Blythe Caldwell Norwalk Dean’s University
Scholarship Award
Caly Anne Laurents Port Clinton Society of the Flame
Andrew Harrison Port Clinton Theatre Meritorious Award
John M.  Fryman Sandusky Society of the Flame
Traci L. Taylor Sandusky Society of the Flame
Dorian L. Evans Sandusky Building Blocks to the Future
Jarod Mariani Sandusky Outstanding Acting Award
Jonathan Young Sandusky Outstanding Technical Award
Dorian Evans Sandusky Theatre Meritorious Award
Felicia Turner Sandusky Criminal Justice Program
Outstanding Academic
Performance & Service
Paul Maier Sandusky Theatre Meritorious Award
Cassady  Holt Vermilion Theatre Meritorious Award


Description of Select Student Awards

Dean’s University Scholarship Award:

Blythe E. Caldwell                                     Norwalk


The Dean’s University Scholarship award, established in 1998, was made possible through a generous contribution from the Frost-Parker Foundation and a matching gift from the BGSU Alumni Association.  This $3,000 scholarship can be awarded annually to an outstanding BGSU Firelands junior who will transition to the BG campus in the fall.


BGSU Firelands Society of the Flame Award:

The Society of the Flame is an honorary society in which students are inducted on the basis of academic achievement, participation in a variety of campus programs, organizations, and general display of leadership on the campus based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic Excellence (3.25 GPA or above)
  2. Completed a minimum of 40 semester hours including current semester
  3. Active participation in a variety of campus programs
  4. Consistent display of leadership


BGSU Firelands Building Blocks to the Future Awards:

Each year BGSU Firelands recognizes those students who, during a one-year period, have provided outstanding service to the college.  A candidate cannot receive this award and the Window to the Future Award.

  1. Candidates must be registered BGSU Firelands students for a minimum of 20 credit hours per year (fall and spring).
  2. Candidates must have established a 2.00 GPA.
  3. The academic year of eligibility shall consist of in chronological order:  the summer, fall and spring semesters of the academic year for which the award is to be given.
  4. Candidates must have demonstrated contributions in multiple experiences during the academic year.  The purpose is to recognize persons who have contributed in a variety of ways rather than through a singular experience or student organization.



BGSU Firelands Window to the Future Awards:

Each year BGSU Firelands recognizes those students who have provided outstanding continuous service (more than one year) to the college based on the following criteria:

  1. Must be BGSU Firelands students who have completed a minimum of 40 hours.
  2. Must have at least 2.00 GPA
  3. Must have demonstrated contributions in multiple experiences during their tenure at BGSU Firelands, rather than a singular experience or student organization.
  4. A first year student is not eligible for this award.


2010-2011 Student Government Appreciation Awards:

  Katia Castile President Norwalk
  Traci Taylor Vice President Sandusky
  Anton Jackson Secretary Norwalk
  Brian Trumpower Treasurer Norwalk



Links to Progress Award

            Sylvia Hermo-Fedro                                        Avon Lake

This award is presented to the person or organization of the campus community that has been a significant link in the chain of growth of BGSU Firelands.  This person or organization must have been instrumental in linking the college to the broader human community.




Creative Scholar Award

            Christopher Mruk                                           Sandusky


This award may be given annually to any full-time BGSU Firelands faculty member (in his/her third year or beyond) for outstanding scholarly or creative accomplishments during the previous three years.


Dean’s Special Recognition Award:

            Rod Roark                                                       Norwalk

This special recognition award may be given annually to individual faculty members, administrators, classified staff, or members of collaborative teams who have made exceptionally meritorious contributions in support of the mission of BGSU Firelands.  Awards may be used to recognize career achievements as well as recent accomplishments.  (See separate release for additional details)


Distinguished Part-Time Teacher Award:

Carol Puder                                                     New London

This award is bestowed annually to a part-time faculty member or administrative staff member who teaches at BGSU Firelands and demonstrates commitment to and excellence in the art of teaching. (See separate release for additional details) 


Distinguished Teacher Award

Tracy McGinley                                               Berlin Heights

This award is bestowed annually to a full-time faculty member who demonstrates commitment to and exemplifies excellence in the art of teaching.  Persons may be nominated by any member of the BGSU Firelands community or by college alumni.  (See separate release for additional details)  


Service Recognition for Faculty and Staff:

  5 Years of Service:  
    Sharon Britton Oberlin
    Bridgette Green-Churchwell Sandusky
    Gerry Dabney Huron
    Julie Didelot Castalia
    Leonard Klohn Sandusky
    Tracey McGinley Berlin Heights
    Candace Shealy Port Clinton
  10 Years of Service:  
    James Kimble Sandusky
    Michael Myers Sandusky
    Philip Weinsier Amherst
  15 Years of Service:  
    Kevin Ferback Sandusky
    Beth Fuller Huron
    Bonnie Lindsley Huron
  20 Years of Service:  
    Vicki Hillis Huron
    Tim Jurkovac Huron
  25 Years of Service:  
    Penny Nemitz Grafton
  30 Years of Service:  
    Mona Burke Wakeman
    Ellen Naderer Huron

 For additional information or photos, contact Dean Schnurr, director of marketing and community relations, at 419.372.0613 or via e-mail at

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