28 Feb 2012

Students Lobby National Defense Authorization Act at BG City Council

Author: Blythe | Filed under: Bowling Green City Council, Spring 2012

By Blythe Suppes

People Against National Defense Authorization Act (PANDAA) requested that the Bowling Green City Council nullify the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Several students spoke to the council during the lobby visitations portion of the meeting Monday night, but the council did not take action on the matter.

The NDAA is a federal law that allows the U.S. military to arrest anybody who is suspected of terrorism without due-process of law.

PANDAA wanted the council to pass a resolution that the city does not agree with this law, as well as nullify the act. This would give the city the ability to sue the federal government in the event that a citizen of Bowling Green were to be arrested under the NDAA, said Daniel Johnson who is the founder of PANDAA.

A member from Occupy BG as well as the Chairman of the Wood County Libertarian Party both expressed their dissatisfaction with the NDAA.

In response to PANDAA’s claims against the NDAA, Greg Robinette of the council’s fourth ward said that he disagrees that the act is unconstitutional or challenges citizens’ rights in any way.

Robinette commented on a letter the council received from PANDAA prior to the meeting. He said he was offended by the letter, in which PANDAA said the council is obligated to act against the federal law.

The council members decided that no action was necessary for the council to take on the matter, but suggested PANDAA take the issue else ware.

Sandy Rowland, at-large member of the council, thanked the lobbyists for coming respectfully before the council with their concerns.

Daniel Gordon of the first ward of the council told them not to be discouraged from coming to the council with issues in the future.

In other action, the council approved an ordinance for $2,750,000 toward construction on North Main Street.

The council also honored John B. Quinn by naming him Mayor Emeritus of Bowling Green.

“Can I park anywhere special with this?” Quinn jokingly responded.

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