28 Feb 2012

PANDA On The Move Again

Author: Caitlin Flack | Filed under: Bowling Green City Council, Spring 2012

By: Caitlin Flack

Student protestors made their way from University Hall to the Bowling Green City Council meeting on Feb. 21 in efforts to fight against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The council’s standing on the act was not swayed.

This was not the first appearance to the council for Daniel Johnson, a Bowling Green State University Freshmen, and the founder of the People Against National Defense Act (PANDA).

“We will continue to fight NDAA no matter where it is,” Johnson said.

On the last day of 2011, President Obama signed the NDAA, which allows American citizens suspected of terrorism to be put in military custody without charge or trial.

Alongside of Johnson was PANDA member and Bowling Green State University student Sam Link.

Link admits that PANDA is a young and small group, but that is not going to stop them from spreading the word about NDAA.

After hearing the presentations of both Link and Johnson, the council did not change their stand on the issue.

The council admired the efforts of PANDA, but believe that it would be better to take the issue to a federal level, as opposed to a local level.

Despite the fact that the council rejected PANDA’s request, it won’t stop them from fighting and getting the word out there.

The group tweeted following the decision of the council saying ,”We will fight on. Just because the City Council rejects us, doesn’t mean we will stand down and raise the white flag. We will fight the NDAA in the streets, fight it in the fields. We will fight it in the courts, on the internet, and in living rooms across America. We fight!”

Council also:

  • Approved the appointment of First Ward Council Member Daniel Gordon to the City Transit Advisory Board.
  • Approved legislation seeking bids for renovations at Needle Hall in City Park.
  • Discussed the success of the community center and recognizing the increase in new pass holders.

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