28 Feb 2012

Bowling Green City Council Rejects PANDAA proposal

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By Chevon Anderson

People Against the National Defense Authorization Act, the Liberation Party and Occupy BG went to city council in the hope of persuading Bowling Green City Council for the last time to change their views on the National Defense Authorization Act.

BGSU Freshman Daniel Johnson, founder of PANDAA led the efforts proposing a resolution for the council to nullify the Act. In one week PANDAA was able to gather over 500 signatures nationwide in support of inducting ordnance, Johnson said

Johnson had the support of roughly 20 supporters although the originally estimation was 100 to 150 supporters. Johnson says, that he suspected the weather had a great deal to do with the lack in turn out.

BGSU Student Ian Zulick was the first to speak to the council explaining that the council should nullify the National Defense Authorization Act because it “deprives us from our rights.”

The Act will not go into affect until March 2, but PANDAA wanted city council to take a stand on the position and join other states like New Hampshire and Maine.

After two weeks of deliberation council listened to all the presenters and decided that they would not act on the proposed resolution. The City Attorney informed both council and supports that there is no way a city council has the power to nullify a federal act.

City Council Member Daniel Gordon said that their was nothing the council could do with nullifying the act but the most a resolution would do is “shed light on the situation and this meeting is certainly doing just that.”

City Council Member Sandy Rowland said that she can’t agree with PANDAA approach but respects the resolution.

In other news,

  • Former Mayor John B. Quinn was honored for his ten years of dedication to the city of Bowling Green.
  • It was announced that 4,000 oak trees would be coming to Bowling Green to cover the Black Swamp Reserve. They will need to be planted and volunteers are needed during April 26-29.

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