28 Feb 2012

BGSU residence room hall rates increase in 2013

Author: Justina Bucceri | Filed under: BGSU Board of Trustees, Spring 2012

Bowling Green State University’s Board of Trustees voted 9-0 to increase residence room hall rates by 2.04 percent for the 2013 fiscal year.

Including the technology and laundry fees, it would be a 6.92 percent increase.

According to the Board of Trustees Board Book from Friday’s meeting, BGSU has historically excluded technology and laundry fees from room rates in order to reflect a lower rate when compared to other Ohio public institutions.

Along with the room rate increase, the board voted and approved renovations in the Falcons Nest, McDonald and Kreischer residence halls.

Board member David J. Levey proposed the increase in room rates to provide solvency to its current operations and to provide sufficient funds for on-going investments in its physical facilities for future students to enjoy.

While explaining the 2.04 percent increase on the upcoming residence hall room rates, Levey said it is a “modest increase.”

The university’s proposal took into account several significant factors for current and future students.

As stated in the Board of Trustees Board Book, the Department of Residence Life took into account that the room rates represent one component of a student’s total cost to attend BGSU.

Another factor that the department looked into was the current economic and financial challenges that BGSU students and their families are facing.

“We are doing our best to keep the rates as low as possible,” Levey said. This modest increase puts BGSU in a good position compared to other Ohio public institutions.

The increase of residence room rates will be effective for the fall semester of the 2013 fiscal year.

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