27 Feb 2012


Author: Meghan Coburn | Filed under: Bowling Green City Council, Spring 2012

By Meghan Coburn

Protesters gathered together at the Feb. 21 Bowling Green City Council Meeting in hopes to reject the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

“NDAA states that the military as the right to detain an individual without a trial,” said Daniel Johnson founder of People Against the National Defense Authorization Act (PANDAA).

Members of PANDAA and Occupy BG also attended and spoke at the Feb. 21 meeting.  As members of different organizations they all had the same goal.  They were trying to convince the council members to double check the resolution they all have proposed in hopes to stop this act.

‘It took us one week and we received 500 signatures on the petition against the NDAA in support of our resolution,” Johnson said.

In response to Johnson’s statement, council president John Zanfardino did not agree.

“The resolution would lighten up the situation and relieve some issues, but never would completely resolve it,” Zanfardino said.

Fourth ward incumbent, Greg Robinette gave Johnson advice saying, “The council does not hold the power to go against the government.”

“We do not have the power to go straight to the legislators therefore we are starting with the grassroots to look at this issue and help us,” Johnson said.  “We came to you for that reason.”

City council members Daniel Gordon and Sandy Rowland both deeply respected and appreciated hearing everyone’s opinions.  They advised the members of each organization to keep trying with their issue and do not give up.  They encouraged them to return back for other issues and news dealing with the city council.

Other things also discussed at the meeting were about road repairs and renovating needle hall in City Park.  The road repairs were agreed upon.  Mayor Quinn received a plaque for all of his accomplishments he has completed while in office.

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