27 Feb 2012

PANDAA didn’t succeed

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PANDAA posted flyers around campus to raise awareness. Photo by Carrie Brittson

By Carrie Brittson

Bowling GreenCity Council rejected the idea of a resolution or ordinance for the National Defense Authorization Act on Tuesday night.

            The NDAA states the military has the ability to detain someone because of suspected terrorism without a trial, said Daniel Johnson founder of People Against the National Defense Authorization Act.

            PANDAA as well as members of Occupy BG and Libertarian Party attended and spoke on Tuesday night to try and convince council members to relook the resolution for the NDAA. PANDAA received 500 signatures in one week to support the resolution. “It seeks to deprive us of rights,” said Ian Zulick a sophomore at BGSU.

            However, “even though the resolution would shed light on the situation, it wouldn’t do more than that,” said John Zanfardino council president.

            Greg Robinette, fourth ward incumbent, responded to Johnson about previous emails and gave his opinion. He said the council does not hold the strength to go against government laws.

            Council members said they respected the group for their position on NDAA and their strive to put forth a resolution, but disagreed with how they went about doing it. Council said PANDAA should have gone a step further and talked to a senate or someone with more power than council.

            Senior Daniel Gordon, first ward incumbent, said he has sincere hope that no one stops coming to council in the future about any issues because council could not help with the NDAA issue.

In other news:

  • Mayor John B. Quinn was presented a resolution of Mayor Emeritus for his admirable leadership
  • The city is trying to plant oaks to help the Black Swamp Reserve

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