27 Feb 2012

PANDA speaks to Bowling Green City Council

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Student protestors of the National Defense Authorization Act spoke on behalf of their group People Against the National Defense Act in front of the Bowling Green City Council at the council’s meeting Tuesday night.

The council members listened to the protestors’ complaints of the NDAA at the meeting on Feb. 21 after asking for any new business. The group, PANDA , said it wanted the council to nullify the federal act at a local level. The council denied the request.

“I don’t think it’s possible for a city council to nullify a federal act,” city attorney Michael Marsh said during the meeting.

Members of PANDA, however, said they were not discouraged by the council’s lack of support.

“We will continue to fight,” the leader of PANDA, Daniel Johnson said upon hearing the ruling during the meeting. “Wherever we need to fight it (NDAA), we will.”

The group formed after some Bowling Green State University students did not agree with the act, which can take away a citizen’s right to a basic trial if suspected of being a terrorist, PANDA member Sam Link said prior to the meeting.

“I wish we could see how these bills will affect our future,” Link said. “We keep getting further and further away from our natural rights of liberty.”

Several PANDA members addressed the council with their concerns before the nullification request was denied. The council in turn thanked PANDA for its behavior at the meeting.

“We all commend you on what you’re doing regardless of the position we’re taking on this issue,” said Daniel Gordon, First Ward council member.

In other business, city council president John Zanfardino honored previous mayor John Quinn for this work in the city and his 12 years in office.

“It’s (Bowling Green) been a great place to be for the last 40 years or so,” Quinn said.

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