27 Feb 2012

Increase of residence hall room rates

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By Amanda Flowers

The Bowling Green State University Board of Trustees approved an increase of room rates by 2.04 percent for University residence halls, or a 6.92 percent increase room rates that include technology and laundry fees.  There were a total of nine affirmative votes to approve this matter on Friday in room 308 of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. 

BGSU has historically had lower room rates compared to Ohio peers due to the exclusion of technology and laundry fees, but within the next year, these fees will be included.   

Centennial Hall and Falcon Heights have already embedded technology and laundry fees into the cost of their room rates.  The Board proposed that all BGSU residence halls adhere to that same fee structure.  This increase will take place in fiscal year 2013; hence, current students and their parents will not be assessed unexpected fees for this year.

“We are doing our best to keep room rates as low as possible,” said board of trustee member David Levey.

The Board approved renovation of the Falcon’s Nest.  Construction will take place during the summer of 2012.  During construction, workers will do their best to work around events and keep the Union open for use by those on campus.

Dining Services Renewal and Replacement Reserves has provided $40,000 for upgrades and renovations to dining facilities.  The renovations will help improve operating efficiencies.

Renovations to the McDonald residence hall were also approved by the Board.  The residence hall will see improvements in the lounge areas, technology, and kitchen areas.  Improvements in electrical and fire systems will also take place.  Wireless internet will also be provided for the residence hall.

In other action, the Board of Trustees:

– Approved academic special course fees

– Approved the renewal of mutual aid agreements

– Approved the six-year capital plan for fiscal years 2013 – 2018

– Approved Kreischer’s electrical, data, and fire protection projects


The next Board of Trustees meeting will be held May 4, 2012.




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