27 Feb 2012

City Council turns down anti-NDAA proposal

Author: Hannah Hilyard | Filed under: Bowling Green City Council, Spring 2012, Student Contributor

By Hannah Hilyard

A student group appeared in front of Bowling Green’s city council last week to bring attention to a federal law that they believe goes too far in the protection against terrorism.

The council rejected the group’s proposal to nullify this law titled the National Defense Authorization Act.

The People Against the National Defense Act, also known as PANDA, is a group formed by Bowling Green State University political science major, Dan Johnson, 18 of Ypsilanti, Mich.

About 15 PANDA members attended the meeting.

The organization has gained support from all over the nation and, locally, has gotten over 500 signatures urging city council to look at the resolutions, Johnson said.

Members of the Occupy BG movement and the Libertarian Party of Wood County also joined PANDA with support.

Councilman Greg Robinette feels the council cannot disregard the state and federal laws.

“I cannot however, in good conscious, recommend a resolution or an ordinance that requires the city’s law enforcement officers to act in contravention of federal or state law,” he said.

Although the council rejected PANDA’s proposal, they did praise the group for their passion.

Johnson and PANDA will not give up, however.

“We will continue to fight it no matter where it is, whether it be in city council, whether it be brought to county sheriff, whether it be through county commissioner, whether it be through Ohio legislature. Where ever we need to fight it, we will,” Johnson said.

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