13 Jan 2012

Caitlin Flack

Author: Caitlin Flack | Filed under: About Us, Spring 2012, Student Contributor

 I’m Caitlin Flack and i’m currently a sophomore at Bowling Green State University. I’m  majoring in broadcast journalism. I’m from a small town in southern Ohio called New  Carlisle. It’s a town that everybody knows everybody. Back in New Carlisle I leave  behind awesome friends, an amazing family and an annoying Chihuahua named Bell.  Most of my time is dedicated to academics and athletics. I’m a member of the Women’s  Cross Country and Track & Field team. I’m a member of the organization Student-Athlete  Advisory Committee. I am honored to be able to take a class with the university’s Athletic  Director Greg Christopher, in which i’m learning how to become a better leader on and off  the track. I have the mind set to become the best person that God wants me to become and  i’m willing to do whatever to get there. So watch out ESPN here comes your next Erin  Andrews.

One thought on “Caitlin Flack

  1. Phillip Martin Says:

    Ha ha… I like your competitive edge.

    Maybe you and Erin Andrews will be great colleagues someday.

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