10 Nov 2011

New Aquatic Facility Two Steps Closer to March Ballot

Author: Matthew Nye | Filed under: Fall 2011, Local stories, Student Contributor

BG City Park, photo credit: bgohio.org

By Matt Nye

The city of Bowling Green and Bowling Green State University have announced plans of creating electric car charging locations. At the city council meeting Monday night Brian O’Connell, director of utilities, shared their plans to have six charging locations. There would be three around the city and three on the campus of BGSU.

O’Connell said the transformers are ready to install and is just waiting on the city to pass regulations for construction to begin.

He said the charging stations are scheduled to be done by the end of this year. The stations around the city would be free, but the person would still have to pay the meter for parking. BGSU is looking to install a card swiping method of payment for their stations.

Another important part of the meeting was the issue of a new aquatic facility for the Bowling Green City Park. It passed two readings and will likely issue a third reading at the next meeting so they can put this resolution in action and on the March ballot for people to vote on.

Jodie Anderson, chairperson of Board of Parks and Recreation, appeared in front of the council and said this issue has been well researched and something that needs to be done.

She said that the facility is near the end of its lifespan and that they either need a new one or go without one.

“People want a place where their kids can ride their bikes to City Park and take swimming lessons,” Anderson said.

The council approved rezoning seven pieces of land from various zoning districts into the new Recreation Conversation zone.

The other highlight of the meeting was the approval to create 19 more parking spaces for Heritage Corner Health Care Campus. The council declared this an emergency so it will hopefully happen by the end of this year.

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