10 Nov 2011

City Council Considers New Aquatic Facility, Electric Car Charging Stations

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By: Colin Andrews

Bowling Green residents may be facing a new levy on the ballot in the near future.

At Monday night’s city council meeting the seven member council agreed to continue the discussion on a new aquatic facility paid for by a levy on a future ballot.

The proposed levy would provide 0.6 mills for constructing, operating and maintaining a new aquatic facility in City Park.

Jodi Anderson, a member of the Bowling Green Aquatic Advisory Committee, spoke passionately about the need for a new aquatic facility.

Anderson said that the city pool has been a staple of the Bowling Green area since it’s opening and that parents feel their children are safe at the city pool.

Anderson said that there would never be a good time to ask for money from residents, but that a new aquatic facility is necessary.

“Our aquatic facility is at the end of its lifespan,” Anderson said.

The current aquatic facility at City Park has been open for more than 50 years.

The proposed resolution for the aquatic facility will be acted on at a future meeting.

New electric car charging stations were also discussed at the meeting.

Three electric car parking spots, where owners of electric vehicles could charge their cars, would be placed in the downtown area.

An additional three electric car parking stations would be located on Bowling Green State University’s campus.

The project would be partially funded by a grant from the Federal Government.

Bowling Green City Council, photo credit: bgohio.org

Further details will be discussed at a future meeting.

Adopted Ordinances and Resolutions

  • An ordinance authorizing an agreement with Darr’s Cleaning for the cleaning of the Dunbridge Road sanitary sewer.
  • An ordinance amending the Zoning District Map for various parks in the area in favor of a new zoning map.
  • A resolution authorizing the Mayor of Bowling Green to enter into a coordination agreement between the City of Bowling Green and the Ohio Historic Preservation Office for administration purposes.
  • An ordinance allowing for additional parking for the Heritage Corner Healthcare Campus on Klotz Road.

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