8 Sep 2011

2010 Award Winner Returns to Black Swamp Arts Festival

Author: Jacqueline Gedeon | Filed under: Black Swamp Arts Festival

Necklace crafted by Mike Kozumplik http://www.ohiocraft.org/Best_of/Jewelry/Kozumplik.html

Mike Kozumplik, awarded in 2010 for his detailed and colorful jewelry will be returning to the Black Swamp Arts Festival this year.  At the festival, visual artists present and sell their artwork and performing artists provide entertainment with music or stage performances. Each year more artists, local and out-of-town, become involved with the festival.

Kozumplik, 57, is looking forward to participate in yet another year. He has been involved with the festival for about 15 years and says it is one of his favorite art shows to attend.

Kozumplik began exercising his artistic talents when he was just ten years old. He drew and painted in his art lessons. In 1975, he received an art major at Defiance College and soon realized he liked working with metal more than painting.

“I had a knack for jewelry and I liked working with metal,” says Kozumplik. “I got a set of tools and went at it.”

In 2010, Kozumplik won “Best of Show” for the jewelry he crafted. This was not his first recognition; Kozumplik has won awards in many art shows before the Black Swamp Arts Festival existed.

In the numerous years that Kozumplik has attended the festival, he says that it has not changed drastically.

“The layout is the same,” says Kozumplik, “and they treat the artists good.”

He says what changes the most are the artists that participate. More artists are quitting because of the economy, but new artists replace them.
Kozumplik says the Black Swamp Arts Festival is one of his favorite shows because it is close to his home, has a good crowd and is art friendly.

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