Chpt. 7 Online Safety and Security in Education

A person may easily notice that the field of technology is moving quicker than ever.  Each day, maybe even each hour, a new development in technology occurs.  With quick additions and innovations each day in technology, teachers must be well prepared to help students understand that there are certain things that are safe and unsafe to use online.  I am not just discussing the topics of dangerous and harmful websites, but I am furthermore talking about students of all ages using material from the vast world of websites.  Everyday students are asked in at least one of their classrooms to develop a small or large presentation and or a small or large project that involves the use of technology.  Meaning, each day a student may copy a picture, quote, story, lesson and or something else from the Internet which is not a product of their making.  Though social media is moving faster than our legal departments, students still need to understand that laws are laws and if they did not create a certain piece of their project, then they need to know to properly cite the person and or company who did create it.  I definitely think using other people’s ideas is healthy for students as long as they use other ideas to reinforce and or show the other side of their main idea.  Students, and people in general, however, should not just take premade material and create a project/report using the same information.  This is where teachers step in and must educate students about the importance and reasoning behind giving people credit for their work.  I think this is part of the main idea in chapter 7 of Web 2.0 new tools, new schools, to teach and persuade teachers to share copyright and property right laws with people, starting with their own students. 

In addition to teachers conversing with students about legal requirements and ethical behavior online, teachers should share this information with parents and get the parents involved in the students understanding of the online laws and ethical situations.  Some teachers may be able to even use a parent as a guest speaker to share about proper safe and secure actions when using other people’s work and borrowing other’s ideas from a website.  As the teacher informs and involves the parents/guardians, the more the students will learn and be fully aware of crediting the information that they received from someone else.  Overall, the world of websites is growing rapidly and if a person does not receive the rights from the administrator and or person who formed the ideas, then the person should cite the administrator and or maker in their work.  Lastly, if in doubt, one should always follow legal requirements and cite the original founder of the material to keep safe and secure online.

  1. Yes, sharing materials is valuable, and you can do this with your PLN. Good idea to include parents as class speakers.

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