Portfolio Piece #5

Portfolio Piece #5

For this portfolio piece, I did the Cut-Paper Complementary Color Project (pgs. 40-42 in Prince’s Art is Fundamental).  I started by creating three backdrops – 6″ by 12″ rectangles of yellow, red, and blue.  I made three same-size rectangles in purple, green, and orange.  The purple, green, and orange papers were folded into fourths, and then I cut shapes around the edges, just as if I was making a paper-snowflake.  I unfolded the cut-paper and glued the different designs down onto the background that was its complementary color. 

I liked this lesson because it was a hands-on way to introduce complementary colors.  It was open-ended, as students would have the choice about which color to make the backdrop vs. which color to make the cut-paper designs.  They also had the freedom to create any design they wanted for the three cut-papers.  Also, this lesson allowed students to visualize the colors directly next to their complementary color.  It would be a fun and useful lesson for children.

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