Portfolio Piece #4

Portfolio Piece #4

I chose to do Lesson 23: Review of Line – Using Line to Create the Illusion of Form (Pages 139-140 in Prince’s Art is Fundamental).  The materials needed were only a piece of white paper, a pencil, and a black marker.  I started by lightly tracing my non-dominant (left) hand onto the piece of paper.  Using the black marker, I made a straight line until I reached the outline of my hand.  I curved the line slightly until I reached the other side of my traced hand, and then I again reverted back to using a straight line.  Any lines outside of the tracing were straight; lines within the tracing were curved. 

I chose to do this activity because I liked how it offered the possibility of teaching children a different way to make shapes.  Instead of thinking that they must use lines to draw the outlines of shapes, children can learn a new way of thinking about and making shapes.  I hope if I use this lesson in my classroom, children will realize that art offers many opportunities for “thinking outside of the box.”

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