Portfolio Piece #3

Portfolio Piece #3

The piece of artwork that I chose to do for my portfolio this week was Paper Weaving (Lesson 24, pgs 64-67 in Prince’s Art is Fundamental).  I created this by taking a piece of black construction paper and folding it in half.  Then, I made a series of zigzag cuts, starting with the creased end and proceeding until about 1/2 an inch from the edge. Lastly, I took strips of blue, green, and purple paper and wove them through the slits. 

I chose to do this because it would allow children to experiment with patterns (with the strips of paper) and with different color combinations.  It would help to teach them an important math concept while still allowing them to creatively think and have fun.  Although when I first read the overview, I thought this lesson would create uniform products, I discovered that there are many possibilities that would allow children artistic freedom!

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