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Dart is a bitter and mean shark/dog.  He grew up with other dogs but they teased him because of his looks.  Eventually he discovered his shark side gave him an advantage over the other dogs and began bullying them around.  Later he turned somewhat evil because he knew he could scare others into following his command.  Dart is used to getting what he wants and will do most anything to achieve his goals which usually include revenge and fame.  He is still bothered by his looks though and searches for the reason he is different than everyone else.  He is approx. 2 ft tall at the shoulder and can breathe both air and water.

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Left: Robert is a newly hired fed-ex employee.  He is often very nervous because of his low self confidence, which isn’t helped by his awkward clumsiness.  This is partly because he is not always attentive to his work because he enjoys letting his mind wander to fill the time.  He usually has to call a co-worker over to help him out but after a while he felt like a bother and attempted to do things on his own which usually has unfortunate consequences.

Top Right:  Marvin is a jolly fellow with a spring in his step and an unusual taste in clothes.  He doesn’t concern himself with the trivial things in life especially now that he’s getting on in years however this can make him become somewhat of a slob at times.  He has never really gotten along with the ladies but still holds out hope that one day he will find someone to love.  He has a fun personality and enjoys socializing but people not already used to him are often put off by his sloppiness.

Bottom Right:  Slick used to be fascinated with the sights of the world around him but at some point in the past, escaping a predator, he had a traumatic head injury.  He has never been the same since.  He still watches people but now it’s behind a blank stare with the occasional individual eye blink.  Some part of his past mind may still remain and show itself if given the right stimulus.

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