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For this assignment we had a caricature artist come in and show us the tricks of the trade. I gotta admit, i thought this would be kind of pointless, but i ended up liking it more then i thought. My caricatures aren’t exactly the most exaggerated, but like our instructor told us, catching their likeness is the first step. so yeah.

You can see my progression as i started to get more used to both the marker and the style, danny devito being my first, then Jay (jay and silent bob), Jens (Lead singer of meshuggah) and lastly Dave Mustaine (Lead singer of megadeth/ bigoted jerk)

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For this assignment we were supposed to research a concept artist or character designer whose style we wanted to emulate. I chose Bob Rafei, who did a looot of character and creature designs while working at Naughty Dog inc. He did most of his work on Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter (1, 2, and 3). I really enjoy his use of bold outlines and colors to give his characters a very stylized look. So, here is my rendition of his characters.

This is Skrud (the gentle giant) and Flinn (the short tempered schemer) They are exterminators living in a futuristic and dangerous world. It might take a little more then a can of raid and some mouse traps to hunt down the critters these guys go after.

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For this assignment we were to take the animal we chose to research at the zoo and combine it in a stylized way to make a hybrid creature. I used three different shades of cool grey Copic pens on marker paper. My animal was the Wildebeest.

Oh, and it was my first time ever using these pens.

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My class and I went to the Toledo Zoo and were told to draw at least three pages worth of animals from life. This was challenging, considering all animals are jerks and like to turn around halfway through a drawing. Suffice it to say, my reference photos got used


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In this assignment, we were supposed to draw features a second time, this time rendering them in a stylized manner.

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Here is the first series we had to do in our class; drawing realistic features. I made them just for you.

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